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6 Tips To Find Your Next Favorite Gaming Chair


When it comes to an authentic gaming experience or computer chair, what piece of equipment is the most important for your enjoyment? If you said chair - congratulations, you are right on!


In the realm of gaming, the chair you use is often the last thing you consider. Outside your setup, your computer, and your room’s ambiance, the type and quality of chair you end up sitting in often gets the last of your budget. But why skimp on the one item you use the entire time?


If you are looking to upgrade your experience and boost your gaming enjoyment, it’s time to invest in a high-powered gaming chair. You can even increase your effectiveness in your next PUBG or Fortnite match with the right gaming chair.


Ready to find your new favorite gaming chair? Our team of gaming enthusiasts at Gameoramaz has put together the definitive guide to helping you choose your next chair.

6 Steps To Choosing The Perfect Gaming Chair

Today’s gaming chairs offer far more than just a comfortable sitting experience. Many provide an ergonomic design that helps boost your health, built-in subwoofers, and a look that complements your overall setup.


If you are looking to increase your gaming prowess - and look or feel good doing it - here are the top six elements to look for in your next chair.


1. Find A Gaming Chair That Fits Your Gaming Style

You may be surprised to learn that there are several types of gaming chairs available on the market. Knowing your personal preference and style can help you find the right kind of gaming chair for you:

PC Gaming Chairs

PC gaming chairs are akin to their early iteration - the office desk chair. With a similar build and style, PC gaming chairs are built to offer plenty of comforts while users sit at a computer and use a keyboard or mouse.


Rocket Gaming Chairs

Rocket gaming chairs are premier chairs for platform gaming. With no legs or wheels on these chairs, you can truly lounge while playing with a wired or wireless controller. Perfect for those long hours deep in a story-driven adventure, rocket gaming often allows for a more comfortable position that lets you rock back and forth. Many even offer built-in subwoofers and spots that will hold drinks or controllers.


Pedestal Gaming Chairs

Not sure which style is best for your gaming needs? Find yourself switching between the latest PC and console hits? Grab a pedestal gaming chair!


Pedestal chairs are designed to offer a mix of PC and Rocket gaming chairs. Many offer a swivel base that can recline with a push of a button. Advanced pedestal gaming chairs come with speakers and monitors built-in and can be outfitted with steering wheels or other mechanisms for increased gaming capabilities.


2. Make Sure Your Gaming Chair Has The Best Armrests

One reason that many gamers get frustrated with their chairs is due to a lack of effective armrests. When gaming - especially those long hours fighting those boss battles - having arm support can mean the difference between a personal record and a lost life.


When choosing a gaming chair, make sure you pick one that offers arm support with an ergonomic design. With good arm support, you can extend your play time while avoiding pressure and pain on your arms, neck, and back.


3. Don’t Forget Your Back!

Just like your arms, your back needs ample support as well. Make sure that your gaming chair has a design that is focused on solid and sturdy back support.


Most modern gaming chairs include lumbar support that is designed to help reduce the wear and tear on your back muscles and spine as you sit glued to the screen. Many even offer the ability to customize the support - ensuring that the chair fits your back at just the right angle for premier gaming effectiveness!


4. Find The Features You Need (And A Few You Want!)

Not all gaming chairs are built the same. As you discover the gaming style that best suits your experience, make sure your chair fits - and exceeds - your expectations.


Beyond the armrests and back support, make sure your gaming chair has the added features that help you play at your best:


  • Built-In Audio
  • Bass-Heavy Subwoofers
  • Pop-Out Footrests
  • Bluetooth Technology
  • Charging Stations
  • Adaptive Lighting
  • Rumble Features

5. Look For Long-Lasting Durability

Outside of the functions and add-ons of your gaming chair, consider the materials that the chair is manufactured with. As you use your chair over time, you will want to ensure that it stands up against the best you can throw (or sit) at it.


Gaming chairs come in a variety of materials and designs. From high-quality leather to spill-proof fabric, make sure your gaming chair is built to stand up against the elements. Many are designed with ventilation to help you avoid sweat buildup and irritation as you grind away at low-level players. Similarly, make sure the chair has strong wheels that will hold up to weight and move smoothly on the flooring you have. The better your materials, the longer you can enjoy your gaming chair.


6. Find A Gaming Chair That Fits Your Style & Setup

Finally, make sure that your gaming chair fits your unique gaming setup. If you have a unique theme to your gaming setup, ensure that your gaming chair of choice fits seamlessly into the theme and color of your setup. Not only can your gaming chair boost your gaming experience, but it can impress viewers if you stream online!


Find Your Next Gaming Chair At Gameoramaz

With many aspects involved in choosing your next gaming chair, you will want to find a setup that fits your gaming needs and your budget. At Gameroramaz, we are proud to offer the latest gaming chair styles and brands that fit any gaming style or budget.


Want to learn more? Head over to Gameroramaz online to see today's gaming chair trends, and discover how you can bring your next gaming chair home today at a price that can’t be beaten!